Monday, April 5, 2010

Windows on Itanium: no more.

Corrected April 6th: I forgot NonStop

I just saw on Slashdot that Microsoft is dropping the ball on Windows on the Itanium platform. While I'm not surprised, that pretty much gives more weight to my prediction that the future of the Integrity platform, at least as we currently know it, is uncertain.

This sure isn't good news for BCS. Of course, everyone knows that most Integrity customers are using HP-UX, OpenVMS and NonStop so that shouldn't mean HP will loose that much revenue following the canning of Windows on ia64. But HP will loose potential customers for sure, and can say goodbye within a few years to ones are currently running SQL Server on Superdomes. I've heard through the grapevine that many Superdomes are actually running Windows, and less installed domes means higher engineering costs pushed down to whoever will remain to purchase high-end and midrange Integrity systems.

That's really too bad. Being a really-soon-to-be-ex-HP-UX admin I can only feel sad when I see such news. But let's be clear: HP still has three strong operating systems to run in Integrity, so that doesn't mean the end of it all.


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