Thursday, April 22, 2010

A visit at the "ESS CEC"

Earlier this week, I went for one day at HP's Enterprise Storage & Servers Customer Experience Center, which is located on HP's campus in Houston. You'll probably deduce that I was there to get some info on current and future storage offerings from HP, and I did. But I signed a CDA and can't disclose what exactly I learned there... however some new products have just begun shipping, such as LTO5 drives. As for sdates for other future announcements, well...of course I can't give dates and specifics. But the HPTF usually serves as a platform to announce new products, doesn't it?

One treat that topped the day pretty well was a visit of the Factory Express shop floor where all servers and blades are assembled, and optionally pre-racked. I also saw some PODs being assembled. Once again, I can't say much without getting my ass kicked but whew! They have a nice operation there, I was impressed. Of course, I couldn't take any picture either, but a fellow who probably wasn't under a CDA leaked some pictures via Twitter a few weeks ago during a storage-related event and you can try searching to see if they're still available.

Speaking of the HPTF, I won't be there this year.


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