Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Details on the future EVAs

I couldn't say much since I was bound by a CDA, but I can link to The Register team who has posted some details along with what should be the new name for the future EVAs:

Concerning release dates, sorry, I have to keep my mouth shut.

The new Integrity line has also been announced yesterday. It uses a modular, or should I say stackable, blade design. I'm no longer involved with them but if I was still an HP-UX admin, you bet I'd be excited. Note the new Superdome 2; this is a major redesign which will most probably mean the end of the cell-based servers. I didn't have the time to check if and what OLAR features will still be available to customers using the bl890c, as it was a selling point for the rx7640 and rx8640.

Yet this might be too late. RHEL no longer supports Integrity, nor will Windows soon. For customers looking for 32-core systems or more, this will still make the huge Proliants DL7xxx (and upcoming DL9xxx) interesting alternatives to the smaller blades.


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