Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some last HP-UX tips before I go

I'm officially finishing my job as an HP-UX/SAN/VMware/Blade admin tomorrow, and I'm moving up the food chain next Monday to my new job. I'm supposed to come back to train my replacement but don't know when it will happen.

Here are some tidbits I found in the last two weeks:

swfixrealm(1m) - Appeared in HP-UX 11.31. It lets you correct the default realm in SD ACL files in one shot. Very useful if you create a depot on a system that has its hostname changed, such as one that was ignited with a golden image.

The new 11.31 Bastille has a parameter named AccountSecurity.unowned_files that wasn't there with 11.23. It is enabled by default and will silently chown files that aren't owned by anyone (i.e. belonging to a uid which is undefined in /etc/passwd) to the bin user. Same for groups. Be careful with this on a server that serves a bunch of home directories, or an NFS server. It might be normal that some files aren't owned by anyone.

Newer versions of Ignite dropped the "Wizard" installation screens which, while braindead, was the one I was suggesting support personnel use to install HP-UX using the Golden DVDs I made. They're in remote offices, so no remote igniting is possible, thus why I burn them custom DVDs. Loosing that interface means they'll have to use the Advanced TUI and it is less user-friendly.


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I am your fan of your blog.
pretty much useful contents for HP-UX

Sadly, you discontinue on HP-UX topic..

Have a good luck on your new job anyway!!