Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yes, I'm still alive.

Not many posts lately huh?

My older blog, Technocrat-UX, consisted of a way for me to document quirks and techniques related to HP-UX, BladeSystems, and some other technologies. Technocrat-UX enjoyed some success as these were niche, but relevant, subjects.

That model doesn't fit well with The ex-sysadmin where I originally had the intention of documenting my new job as a systems architect. The main problem when designing IT architectures is that the ideas and diagrams that result of my efforts are not generic and reusable enough, thus not interesting. Furthermore, in a security perspective, a lot of work needs to be done to obfuscate the information - any information - before it is released. I can't, for instance, publish a networking topology just like that to the public.

Up until recently I did, however, have the intention of writing a paper and presentation documenting a reference architecture for IED event and measure collection following my 18 month experience with Cooper's products. But due to some restrictions, that has not been possible yet.

In the mean time I'm keeping the blog going with posts that I *think* could be interesting to sysadmins, architects and... ex-sysadmins.