Friday, April 30, 2010

So, what's going on?

So what's up with me? Now that UNIX and SAN admin are behind me, what am I doing as a system architect? There's obviously no further HP-UX administration going on, which means the readership of this blog will drop dramatically. I do have a link for you admins, though: look at this fascinating discussion in the ITRC that has been going on for a while about its future.

Deep technical content for The ex-syadmin blog can only be written if I get my hands dirty, which I'm not sure I'll be doing much for a while.

I probably can't disclose exactly what I'm doing, but I'll limit myself to saying that my current project consists of laying the grounds of data acquisition systems that use industrial-grade devices and software manufactured by Cooper Power Systems. Some of the win32 software parts are encapsulated using XenApp, which reminds me a lot of X-Windows. :) Everything needs to be bound to NERC security standards (one of the many standards we need to comply with) and it is my understanding that many legacy systems are in the process of being "NERC'ed", which means I'll have lots of interesting work to come.

It would be hard to blog about all the implementation details while still remaining generic enough to separate myself from my workplace; thus I won't speak too much, at least for the moment. Once I have a better understanding of the technologies I'm working with, I might come back with technical posts and recipes similar to what I did for Technocrat-UX.


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