Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To me, it is now true. The web is (almost) the (home) platform

I was holding up from purchasing a new laptop for over 6 months cause everyone told me that Vista sucked. I finally did it last Friday with a brand new one running Windows 7. An HP, of course. All that for a price that was half of what one could pay for an honest espresso machine! And the quarter of an equivalent Macbook (which is why I'm not a Mac user, they're just too expensive).

So what do I think of Windows 7?

Not much, actually. It doesn't seem to be on a suck-o-meter at first glance, which is a good thing. But I simply don't care. I'm not excited. I'm completely indifferent.

Why? Because I've realized that while my previous XP installation had accumulated some useful software over time, I'm not sure this will happen with my new laptop.

Thus why, last week-end while staring at my shiny new laptop, I found myself thinking :

>> Where do I want to go today?

That's a very interesting question.

Windows 7 is sure slicker than Windows XP, but the latter had raised the bar already in 2001 by adding a well-deserved feature that had been missing from Microsoft's consumer Windows line since its inception: it didn't crash.

While I used Outlook Express before, I didn't bother installing Windows Live Mail this time and decided to just use my webmail. I didn't bother shelling out money for Office, as I don't use it much and Google apps works just fine.

My brand new laptop is therefore just an appliance to run a browser. Besides maybe retouching my digital photographs, I simply have not much use for all the processing power, and slick Windows 7 features, of that laptop.

Is the web soon to become the platform for my home usage? You bet.


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