Thursday, October 22, 2009

Migrating from OSEM to WEBES 5.6

Here is a post on my experience migrating from OSEM to WEBES 5.6. It went well except for one minor problem with the MSA 2000.

First of all, you should know there are a few outstanding problems with WEBES 5.6, one of them being a security issue. I'm not sure I can disclose what they are as I didn't get them from official channels but I will say that a patch is expected sometime in December. If you don't need to run 5.6 right now in order to support specific hardware, you should stay with WEBES 5.5 and OSEM 1.4.8a in the mean time.

That being said, for those who wish to run WEBES 5.6, you can update it manually from Remote Support Software Manager. Also update to the latest version of Remote Support Eligible system List at the same time. The procedure is documented in the guide WEBES 5.6 and product coverage.

There is also some (redundant) information in the guides A.05.30 HP Insight Remote Support Advanced with WEBES 5.6 and OSEM to WEBES Migration Guide.

To migrate away from OSEM, if you have a standard installation with OSEM populated by info from SIM, it is as easy as simply uninstalling OSEM but you should read the above documents just to be sure. Once OSEM is uninstalled, stop WEBES (not documented, but I did it anyway) using "net stop desta_service" and "net start desta_service".

If you have hundreds of managed systems, it is better to wait at least an hour before testing if everything works well, as it takes a while for WEBES to stabilize and trap events once it is restarted. I also always confirm that e-mail notifications are enabled in order to have an alternate way of receiving notifications in case there is a problem up the food chain in SIM or ISEE.

Now you should test equipment that used to notify OSEM with SNMP traps to be sure they are being caught by WEBES and service events are opened at HP.

Here is what I tested successfully:

Proliant running Windows ... OK
Proliant running ESX ... OK
C3000 blade chassis ... OK
C7000 blade chassis ... OK
MSA2012i G1 disk array ... NO

The MSA 2000 G1 used to work with OSEM but no longer with WEBES. I've opened a ticket at the ITRC to have an official support statement. This is exacerbated by the fact that its events in SIM are reportedly sent as informational so those of you who "follow the red" could miss critical events.


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