Thursday, October 8, 2009

Monitoring an MSA 2000 G1 with SIM and Remote Support

I tried it, and it works. Here is a quick checklist:

On the MSA:
  1. Go into Manage -> Event Notification -> SNMP Configuration
  2. Configure your read/write community and the IP address of the CMS.

On the CMS:
  1. Discover or identify the MSA if you have not done so already. If you have two controllers, you only need to discover one controller management IP address, SIM does not correlate together both controllers.
  2. In the system properties, the product number will not be identified correctly. The product number burned in the MSA seems to be a valid HP part number, but the product number I had under contract differed and was a 6 letter number, so I copied it from my contract directly. Add the correct product number in the customer field under Contract and Warranty Information, as well as in Product Number field on the top, just in case. Check the two Prevent the discovery... checkboxes to prevent your mocked product number to be overwritten in the future.
  3. Just to be sure, I also added the Care Pack directly in the system properties instead of relying on it being detected from the HP back-end, due to the problems I've had with the product number.
  4. Re-check the entitlement in Remote Support, it should be green.
Go back on the MSA, and send an SNMP test trap. The event should be logged in SIM and a service event will be opened. N.B. I only tested this with OSEM as of now, as I have not yet had the time to migrate the SNMP monitoring to WEBES.


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Shahrzad Pz said...

I'm really struggling with monitoring our HP MSA 2312 . There is no clear guide for it .
I installed MSA SMI-S Proxy managment to enable Pegasus CIM object manager .
after that i add this server to SNMP setting of my MSA2312
But in my Manage engine Opstore based on its guide " "

I couldn't be added .
Please help me to find out what should i do to make a relationship between an MSA and my server , Is there any specific configuration ?