Thursday, October 15, 2009

Log management is done. Now, on to change control. And more pie charts!

First, let me introduce you to the interesting subject of pie charts in the land of security compliance software:

I've had enough of all these software products whose selling point is that they're able to make pie charts. Like in our economic times, someone's job would be to sit in front of a screen all day staring at Pie Charts, making Pie Charts, and reading Reports With Pie Charts (if you're one of these people then sorry - I just can't understand how you can cope with this job). As a systems administrator, I want something that is, in order: 1. easy to use and deploy 2. responsive and 3. fits compliance requirements. If these include pie charts, then let it be, but that shouldn't be the only feature to look for. Seems that when your business consists of charging big bucks for software, looking for a bigger piece of the... er, pie, being no-frills is not a good sales argument.

Now I feel better. Let's move on.

I've posted extensively on various log management solutions I've been looking into in the last few weeks. Oh yes, and let's not forget my rant on the lack of info available on the website of some vendors that could have helped me get an idea of what their product does without needing to bug their sales team. Turns out there has been a total of 5 contenders (and not all of them had great websites, by the way). My business case is almost over, and while I won't disclose what I intend to recommend between ArcSight, Q1labs, a Balabit/Splunk hybrid solution and RSA, let's just say assisting to demos and speaking to a fair number of sales reps got me exhausted.

I could almost joke that had I decided upfront to use rsyslog and program a few perl scripts to extract the required compliance-related data manually, I might had been able to pull it off quicker for free. And if the auditor came in wanting pie charts, I could have been able to plot them in Lotus 1-2-3 like I used to do in high school and print them on a sheet of sprocket-fed paper.

Now it is time to turn that wheel again.

Yes, that's right, I have to do the process all over since I'm now looking for a Change Control solution that supports most of my devices. Change Control = knowing what, and possibly how, predefined critical files have changed on my servers from a certain reference point. None of the vendors above have one available I could piggyback on except Splunk's fschange which is not end-to-end enough and doesn't support HP-UX anyway.

I've looked into what's available and the names Tripwire and Solidcore pop up. I've used the academic Tripwire in the past, it did the job, but I need something that is based on a central server and supports multiple platforms, Windows being one of them. Maybe OSSEC? Perhaps, it is already running here successfully under the radar... but in my enterprise world, FOSS, especially when its intention is to reach compliance, is a hard sell even if it costs close to nothing.

Any suggestions on what I should look into?


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