Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Updating a server to 11iv3 while keeping it in SIM

Here is how to update a server to 11iv3 and keep everything working in SIM and RemoteSupport.
  1. Update or re-install the server following your own procedure.
  2. If necessary, configure all the requisites on the updated server so that it can be integrated correctly with SIM (there are too much to detail here, but this post can help)
  3. Once the update is done, log into SIM and show the System Properties page of your server. Confirm that the two checkboxes "Prevent the discovery from changing these system properties" are unchecked.
  4. Launch a discovery on your system. In 5.3, the process has changed: you need to create a discovery job and specify directly the target server in it.
  5. Subscribe to WBEM events from your server from the Options->Events menu

If using RemoteSupport:
  1. Redo an entitlement check to be sure that it your server is still entitled correctly.
  2. This part is important, you need to restart WEBES (stop director, start director) or else I don't know if and when it will resubscribe to events. I waited 24 hours and it didn't subscribe, so screw it, I restarted it (I know that sucks, but I didn't find out how to force a resubscription besides restarting WEBES). Restarting the director results in WEBES subscribing to your server eventually, this might take a while depending on how many managed nodes you have.
  3. Confirm with "evweb subscribe -b external -L" that there are SIM and WEBES subscriptions and run "sfmconfig -t -a" to test the delivery of events to SIM and the RemoteSupport back-end.
Good luck

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