Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HPTF 2010:if it happens, what would you like to see?

HPTF 2010 has not been confirmed yet. But should it happen for a fifth year, I sure hope to be able to make it again as I enjoy presenting to my peers very much. As abstracts must usually be submitted in January, I started thinking about what I would like to talk about in 2010.

I'll keep it to a technical presentation on what I know most and like the most, and that is - what a surprise - HP-UX.

The year 2008 was spent on increasing the availability and resilience of all mission critical systems under my responsibility. In 2009, my research and efforts have been increasingly towards manageability and security. The security aspect is totally not under my control, and I should rather talk about compliance rather than security. The two might be complementary but they're totally different. And I don't find that subject interesting.

So I think my 2010 paper will be in the manageability area. This being said, my current ideas for subjects are:
  • Integrating HP-UX systems in a Nagios Core monitoring environment
  • Easy and secure monitoring of HP-UX servers with SIM and Remote Support
  • How I manage my HP-UX environment without getting paged

You're welcome to cast your vote on what you would like the most.

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