Monday, September 28, 2009

Moving a C3000 and C7000

Today, I had to move two blade chassis, a C7000 and C3000, to two different locations downtown. We no longer had the original packaging and this being sensible equipment, my fellow sysadmins and I didn't want to hire movers and risk having some parts broken. HP does offer an official moving service, and they will cover anything that breaks once at your destination, but it can be costly. As two blade chassis can fit quite well in a minivan, they can be moved around easily as long as you're cautious.

You know you're dealing with true geeks when you see a bunch of guys shoveling on a hand truck a naked C7000, tied to it with old orange fiber optic cable because they didn't find anything else. That image was so cool, I should have taken a picture. But man, these suckers are heavy. Even with all the blades, power supplies, fans and interconnects removed, you'll still need to be two to hold them up. And whatever yo do, don't drop'em, especially if you have off-the-shelf Hush Puppies right underneath.

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