Thursday, July 2, 2009

One liner: Compare kernel parameters between 11iv2 et 11iv3

When upgrading from 11iv2 to 11iv3, you might be required to check your kernel settings to be sure they are still appropriate. I don't know if update-ux retains kernel settings since I prefer cold installs, but this one liner should help you. Simply redirect the output of kctune to kctune.11iv2 before the upgrade, keep the file, then do the same with kctune.11iv3 once you've upgraded and run this to compare the two files:

cat kctune.11iv2 || while read param value crap
grep -E "^${param}" kctune.11iv3 || read param2 value2 crap2
if [ ! "${param2}" = "" -a ! "${value}" = "${value2}" ]
echo "11iv2: ${param} ${value}"
echo "11iv3: ${param2} ${value2}"

The double-pipes should be replaced with pipes (blogspot doesn't seem to let me paste pipes here)

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