Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The ISEE EOL e-mail. Or is is AOL? Or LOL?

I got this e-mail today from the Insight Remote Support Team announcing the demise of ISEE:

Did you notice the image has been scaled down? And that the text in it is more readable than this blog post? This is because, my friends, the desk jockey who typed up that e-mail thought that using a 36 point font would gather my attention. How pathetic. It looks like a junk mail sent from in the early 2000s. It's so unreadable that I threw it away, laughing. As my blog readers know already, I'm fully aware that ISEE is going away.

To help me appreciate HP further, did you know that I've been trying for 6 weeks now to get Licenses in Command View 7 format? This is becoming an interesting developing story. I'll soon write about this, and will give out how many people up the HP ladder had to be bothered so that I could get these fucking licenses. Help rebuild the U.S. economy: Ask for CV 7 licenses!

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