Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The page has turned. Let's get the new blog going!

Let's get the new blog going! Why not right here, right now! I might have decided to stop being a hardcase sysadmin, but that doesn't mean I have to stop blogging. Technocrat-UX is dead, long live Technocrat-UX! And let's welcome The ex-sysadmin!

Is there a life after the systems administrator? You tell me! In my blog, you'll follow an ex-sysadmin's endeavour into a world of business process intrigues, vague specs and internal politics. Experience has showed me that sysadmins don't always defeat the bad guys and get the girl at the end of the story. The question is, do system architects? This blog will try to find out the truth!

Expect pragmatic answers to the most elaborate questions. Simple solutions to complex problems. And of course, my own vision of market trending and analysis that you'll love to hate. Who says systems architecture has to be bleak?

But seriously, I first need some time to know what I'm doing. That should take a few weeks, if not months. So I'll document the process I'm going through to leave the sysadmin behind, and prepare the carpet for the architect.



S├ębastien Duquette said...

First, congrats on your promotion ! I also like the new theme of your blog, being more of a technical guy too, I'm sure I'll benefit from your insights.

Bonne continuation !

jreypo said...

We, the sysadmins, will miss you a lot in our little word, we really lost a good one. I wish you all the best in your new career. I'm pretty sure that in this new stage of your life you will be as successful as in previous.

And of course I'm eager to read about your new life as systems architect. It's a great pleasure to have you back Olivier :-)