Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No more Technocrat-UX

Dear readers,

Instead of letting this blog die, I thought it would be better to make one last post to say goodbye, at least for the time being.

After almost 10 years as a full-time system administrator, I decided to change my career path to become a systems architect. Which, at its bottom line, means that I'll stop writing shell scripts to write plans and documents instead. I will no longer be dedicated to HP technology, and HP-UX in particular. The decision has been hard to make, as I love my job as a sysadmin. Over time, I've participated to many HP-related events and met very interesting people at HP. I will miss this, a lot.

Over time, I've been saddened to see that my workplace doesn't put a lot of, er, "financial" value to its technical staff, no matter how much effort I've put into developing the best technical career I could. The only way to keep going up the salary ladder while remaining technical would have been to quit and try my chances with consulting, and I wasn't interested in doing this for personal reasons. So, I decided to stay with my public sector employer, relinquishing my purely technical job, and time will tell if I will like it.

I'm keeping this blog open for the time being, since the content should be relevant for a few years. If I ever start producing content related to my new experiences, I'll keep the same URL (omasse.blogspot.com) and switch the name from Technocrat-UX to something else.

Thanks to everyone who've been reading this blog since 2008. You've sent me many comments and suggestions that kept me going. Writing for Technocrat-UX has been a very good experience and I sure hope that the content has been useful to you.

Take care.

Olivier S. Massé

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