Monday, February 15, 2010

Steps to take in SIM/RSP when upgrading HP-UX Servers

When cold-reinstalling an HP-Ux server from 11.23 to 11.31, steps need to be taken to be sure that it is correctly linked to SIM and Remote Support.

Here are the steps I take without needing to delete the server in SIM, this way I keep all its past events. These are the quickest I've found over the last year:

1. Go in SIM. Find the server and open its system properties. Uncheck "Prevent Discovery [...] from changing these system properties"

2. Run an "Identify Systems" on the server. Once this is done, it should now show 11.31 as the OS version.

3. SIM won't subscribe to WBEM events when doing an identify, only a discovery. So you need to manually subscribe to WBEM events on the CMS (mxwbemsub -a -n hostname).

4. WEBES will not resubscribe its WBEM events either. To force it, you need to log into WEBES (http://cmsaddress:7906), click the "Configure Managed Entities" icon, find your server, check it, and delete it (that's right, delete it). Then, restart WEBES by doing "net stop desta_service" and "net start desta_service" on the CMS. Within a few minutes it will resubscribe automagically to the HP-UX server.

5. You can confirm you have SIM and WEBES subscriptions on your server by running "evweb subscribe -b external -L"

Good luck


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