Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Remote Support Advanced 5.40 has been released

Version 5.40 has been released last week. I was waiting for 5.40 to show up in RSSWM and thought it would update itself automatically. It hasn't done so yet, and it is not clear if RSSWM will eventually take care of updating to 5.40. The Release Notes indicate that for current customers to upgrade, a package must be downloaded from the HP Software Depot, so my take is that it won't be pushed by RSSWM.

This time I do not intend to forcibly update. Version 5.30 has been running fine for me for a while now, I found it to be mature and stable. It might be a better idea for current mission-critical customers to wait until they update to HP SIM 6.0 to do RSP at the same time (unless RSSWM pushes it without warning). That is probably what I will end up doing. However, I don't know any experienced SIM admins who risk upgrading to a new SIM release before a service pack is released a few months later. So I'm actually NOT planning to update to SIM 6.0 / RSP 5.40 before next summer.

Here is a list of the main new features. The most significant one, from what I've seen users asking for in the ITRC forums, is the official support for CMS's running in virtual machines.
  • Added virtualization support for the Central Management Server
  • Support for HP Systems Insight Manager 6.0
  • Improved scalability of the Central Management Server
  • New Basic Configuration collections for MSA2000 storage and OpenVMS on Integrity servers
  • Introduction of Unified Communications monitoring
  • Windows 2008 operating system support for the HP Remote Support Network Component
  • Web-Based Enterprise Services (WEBES) v5.6 and WEBES v5.6 Update 2 are the most current supported analysis engines
WEBES 5.6U2 is required to monitor most recent HP hardware. Current users who do not wish to update to RSP 5.30 right away can install WEBES 5.6U2 from RSSWM and delay updating to 5.40 until later.


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