Sunday, December 6, 2009

When something doesn't work...

Here is my definition of something that "doesn't work": It is a product you try before you buy (or, if you're unlucky, you buy outright) and you're not able to use it.

When I buy computer peripherals for my personal use at home, usually the cheaper, the better. And even though they're engineered overseas and poorly translated, they almost always work.

Then why in hell are there many instances where I've seen enterprise software and hardware that does not work when I try it? This is plain nonsense.

Recently I've been trying an OTP solution and, geez, it looks like the manufacturer did *everything* to discourage me from buying their product. Yet I feel compelled to do it as a favour to my team, because it looks like Corporate IT chose this for the VPN access and I don't want my personnel to end up with two different tokens from two different vendors.

I won't go as far as saying the product itself sucks. But its marketing sure as hell does. I won't give out details or name that vendor right now. It's better to give myself some time to vent. But I'm slowly getting pissed and, guess what, I don't like wasting my time.


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