Tuesday, December 22, 2009

WEBES 5.6 update 1 is out

WEBES 5.6 update 1 has been released recently. It is required to support new hardware, namely the behemoth AMD-based Proliant DL785. Users interested in learning more can take a look at this document which explains what 5.6 and 5.6U1 are all about -- from what I understand, users who have not voluntarily upgraded to 5.6 yet are still at 5.5 and will be updated once RSP 5.40 comes out in early 2010.

For current 5.6 users, the minor update was silently pushed through the RSSWM last week-end and at my site, the upgrade went flawlessly.

I noticed that a bug that was plaguing me since 5.5 has finally disappeared, when you click in the managed systems list on an Integrity/HP-UX Server, the interface now gets back with the info panel instead of timing out.


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