Thursday, May 28, 2009

HPTF2009: Coming soon

I don't know how many sysadmins follow this blog, but I do have a few subscribers, so it must mean something.

I should attend the HPTF mid-June this year and as usual, I'll spend most of my time following up on HP-UX sessions. The difference this year, is that over time I've met some of the key people who are involved in the design of the OS and its utilities, and I intend to participate as much as I can in the customer advisory process. While I'll be the first to say that not everyone at HP is receptive to suggestions, some are, and these good fellas are involved with Connect and the ITRC forums. There will be some roundtable discussions at the "connections cafe", where I expect small groups of users to be matched with these guys. So it will be time to ask questions and comment on some issues related to their field. 

The ONE question I would like to ask, but cannot ask, is what's going on at HP with all the loss of morale that seems to transpire from all the chopping Mark Hurd has been doing at the expense of long-time, dedicated employees. The only person this could be asked to is Hurd himself (like he actually cares). I'm sure strict measures will be taken this year to prevent any deception from taking place at the HPTF should he actually appear -- Anyone noticed he's not mentioned as a keynote speaker anywhere for the event? I wouldn't be surprised if he did a George-Bush-surprise-visit-in-Irak kind of thing.

All the internal problems at HP are concerning me not only as a customer, but as someone who have personally known many HP employees for years, and the fact remains that while it seemed like a great place to work at 10 years ago, it's no longer the case. With demotivated employees, what new products can I expect to see in 5 years time? Maybe crap! 

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