Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goobye ISEE: Monitoring an EVA with RSP: day 2

Turns out that my WEBES problems not recognizing my SMS as a "CommandView Server" were a bug in WEBES 5.4. There is a document in the ITRC KB, that was published just yesterday, that describes the issue. Look for document #mmr_na-0229085.

The resolution is not really clear, however. Basically, you have to create a new Managed Protocol named "CommandView". In it, input your authentication information for CV. Then, delete your server from the managed entities. Stop and restart the desta service (net stop desta_service; net start desta_service). You'll then notice that the server will reappear in the managed systems list, still as a Proliant, but in its detais you'll see the ELMC is now using your CommandView Protocol.

Does it actually work? I don't know yet. Besides the "wccproxy test", I can't do much. There is no way to initiate a real test from the HSV controller besides pulling of an FRU part, and I'd rather not do this. I'll try to look if there's a test even somewhere in the service menu but I won't keep my fingers crossed.

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