Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My build of iperf is back

Update: You can get my build of iperf on Windows here:

Wew! My post concerning my own build of iperf for Windows has proven to be the most popular of my blog up to now. And the file got downloaded so many times, it actually busted the download limit of (my domain) 12 hours before me leaving on vacation overseas. I had to renew my hosting package in a hurry, as I was keeping it grandfathered to 2004 transfer quotas - 1 gigabyte, anyone? Now I have 10 times more and the download link is back (thanks to, my hosting provider, pay them a visit; they're great).

Such a response shows me that there is a need for a more "official" page for the Windows build of iperf, which is a matter of 30 minutes of handwritten HTML. I'll be working on this soon, I promise. In the mean time, my earlier blog post is a nice placeholder.


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Did you blocked foreign IPs?