Friday, November 20, 2009

Virtual Connect for Dummies

Grab it while you can

I just went over it and although it is a true honest-to-goodness "For Dummies" book, this is by no means a complete book but rather a 75 page marketing stint by HP.

There isn't much deep technical info in the book but it can be very handy if you need to introduce Virtual Connect to someone who is new to the technology. The informal and clear writing style of the For Dummies books will be familiar to many, and this will encourage people to read it. However, there are few figures and logical diagrams, which means that for serious training you'll be better off reading the official documentation. For someone already familiar with networking and blades, the product briefs for Virtual Connect are very clear in describing what it does.

By the way, after almost 2 years of running Virtual Connect modules, I'm still very excited by them. They saved me a bunch of work and hassles dealing with our networking team.


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