Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August update

Please note that I'm on vacation thus there will be no updates for a while.

But what's coming for the next fall?

Well dear readers, we've had a security audit recently. While I've invested lots of time into hardening the server perimeter with IP Filter over the years, some adjustements will be needed to enhance security and compliance inside the OS itself.

There are especially discoveries and experiments to be made with the new 11iv3 auditing subsystem which is not well documented, and for which there is currently no whitepaper available at HP Docs. Auditing is now it is way better than what we had before with Trusted Mode, and you can bet I'll use it. I just hope HP did their homework so I won't need to write a hack like audenable to have it work correctly this time, having to rely on audenable in the 11.11 days sucked.

Furthermore, I don't forward all my logs to an external, secure server, except everything related to AUTH_LOG. More needs to be done to be compliant. An intern has worked hard to make this work under many scenarios a few months ago and this will be implemented soon. I'm just waiting for the official mandate. I'll keep you posted on what we'll be doing.

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