Monday, June 22, 2009

Virtual Connect performance monitoring and profiling with HP-UX and Windows

I presented on this subject at HPTF2009, and the slides are out on the session scheduler. For those who did not attend to the event, I have a copy of my presentation here:

If I had to do this all over again, you can be sure I would have presented with a subject on RSP this year. But abstracts are due in January, and it was too early back then to know if I would have enough dough to make a presentation on RSP for the HPTF. Perhaps for 2010? Maybe, if I can go once more. I've assisted to the event since 2006 and I'm not sure if my management will let me go again.

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ekse said...

Super ta présentation Olivier. Je connaissais déjà iperf mais moins cacti, j'en prends note pour plus tard ça pourrait toujours servir.