Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Redirecting a chroot-jailed /dev/log to a dumb syslogd

HP-UX's stock syslogd doesn't support multiple input streams, so when chrooting applications that write to /dev/log (namely an SFTP server), you're pretty much stuck with no possibility of logging anything in syslog.

I considered for a short time installing syslog-ng and connecting /chroot/dev/log to /dev/log but that seemed overkill.

That's until I found out that this works perfectly to connect one fifo to another:

while true; do cat /chroot/dev/log > /dev/log; done

Wow. That's an easy workaround. And it doesn't consume much, the loop only happens when a line is written in the log.

So I wrote a nicer wrapper around this line (97 to be exact), and published it here:



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